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Race Report – Tour de Donut 2012

James, his dad, and I (Brent) met in American Fork on Saturday morning for the Tour de Donut (utahtourdedonut.org). Essentially it’s a 3 lap “race” around a 7 mile course. At the end of the first and second lap you eat as many donuts as you want/can. Each donut takes 3 minutes off your final time.

I crossed the line in second place, but figured that as I only ate 7 donuts I wouldn’t get too close to the podium. Apparently though, it was enough to absolutely dominate the youth division. For some reason they thought I was 10 years old. When they announced me as the winner I thought “That’s awesome!! … and totally wrong.” When I strolled up and they saw my beard and I told them I was 36 years old, they revoked my title. After some recalculation, it became apparent that I came in third in the 35–54 division. One more donut would have given me the victory. Unfortunately, the trophies had already been handed out, so I don’t have any hardware to show off. The winner of the 35 and under division ate 32 donuts to finish with a negative time.

Proceeds from the event support the charity work of the Rotary Club of American Fork, specifically efforts to build and repair a mountain bike trail in Lambert Park and World Bike Relief.

Thanks, James, for taking the lead on this. I had a great time.

-Brent Olsen