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Race Report – 5-Mile Pass

Lehi was a balmy 47 degrees Saturday morning which made for a nice brisk
ride.  Over 200 racers showed up to test the warmth of their favorite
spandex.  The course is an 11 mile loop with a series of small uphills on
the front half and a long hike-a-bike right in the middle.  From there, a
short decent leads into some rollers and a nice downhill section.  The last
two miles of the course are short up and downs with lots of good lines.

Most of the course is rocky doubletrack (ATV trails) with lots of room for
passing.  The backside of the loop is quick and a lot of fun.  An
unpleasant rock decided to relieve me of my rear tire pressure around mile
9 and I hobbled in for a ninth place finish – which would have been a solid
DNF if Jim from Utah Mountain Biking hadn’t stopped to lend me a pump.  I was led to believe
that my magical Stans-Notubes wheels and sealant would instantly repair any
puncture; don’t believe everything you see at the Stan’s Website.