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SSCSWC 2011 Race Report / Travelogue

SSCXWC went down with epic madness this year in San Francisco.

CTR Team Member Ped AlDamnit was there along with teammates Steve W., Amy A., Anna D., Rob L., and Ali K.  Click through the reference link for a full read on his report on Cycling Utah’s Website.

A Report from the 2011 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (SSXCWC)

To me, few things are more satisfying than a post-race shower. Sparing you the details of my shower though, I will share with you the details of the events and the race that caused me to need one tonight, Sunday, November 20th.

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Cutthroat Women Sweep Single Speed Podium at UTCX #6

The women of Cutthroat racing swept the podium in the sixth edition of the Utah Cyclocross series on Saturday, October 29th.

CTR Racer Ali Knutson (aka African Safari) Hammering It

Ali Knutson, Amy Andrews, and Anna Day pushed through a lengthy and technical course to come out on top of the fabled diamond plate platforms.  The course included some grueling terrain with lots of deep sand, power-sucking grass, and some tight corners.  And of course, all three racers competed on bikes with but a single gear (racing in costume, no less).

This year’s cyclocross season has seen growth in many areas.  Just a year ago, there were but two women competing on single speed bikes.  To see three riders from a single team is a sight of which CTR Team Members and the organizers of the Utah Cyclocross series should be extremely proud.  In short, the sport continues to gain traction among a diverse group of riders.

Celebratory beers were had after the race, courtesy of primary CTR sponsor Uinta Brewing Co.  As always, the members of CTR give a hearty thanks to the many sponsors who help make the team’s racing efforts a success.

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Salt to Saint 2011 – Race Report

The second running of the Salt to Saint race from Salt Lake to St George, UT took place on September 16th and 17th. 39 riders, 9 of whom planned on tackling the race solo, lined up on the street behind the state Capitol under ominous skies.

Ready for the Rain

Ready for the Rain

The route wound along about ‘shoreline’ level down to Draper, up Suncrest, around Utah Lake, under I-15 to the east side of that mountain range that runs along side the interstate, on down to Arizona back up through Colorado City in to St George. 420 miles!

Cutthroat member Steve Wasmund was one of the oxygen deprived solo racers, and he was just dumb enough to pedal through the rain, cold, dark, climbs, pain, sleep deprived delirium, hunger, honking rednecks and 5 flat tires to find the finish line in just over 28 hours. He even had the energy to savor a cold Cutthroat in the otherwise dry St George city park.

He’s looking for more company for next year… join him?

For more information about next year’s race, please see http://www.salttosaint.com

– By Steve Wasmund

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SSCXWC 2011 – San Francisco

Beer hand-ups? Bacon hand-ups? Scantily-clad people in outlandish costumes? Cyclocross racing on a single gear? If these things sound like a good cycling combination to you, SSCXWC might just be your bag baby. Unfortunately, registration for the men’s 2011 final race is closed, but other categories (read: LADIES!) are still open and good word has it that several Cutthroat Racing team members are registered and making plans to travel to the city of the Golden Gate Bridge to witness the spectacle that is Carnivalle….errrrrr…the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships.

2010 saw the race in Seattle, Wa. while 2009 and prior years were held in Portland, Or. A new venue, new(ish) sponsors, and a new promoter, leads us to believe that 2011 will be a year to remember. With the main event being held at the Golden Gate State Park on Saturday, November 20th, the race will be preceded by a group ride (Friday November 18th) and the qualifier (the following day, Saturday, November 19th).

This year, a host of new categories have been opened up, including clydesdales and geared categories. Despite some outcry from traditional single speed enthusiasts, the race is shaping up to be competitively-silly (if such a thing exists). Truthfully, this format doesn’t differ greatly from years past when the main event was held in conjunction with other locally-sanctioned races. No matter what your flavor, SSCXWC has the makings for an event that will scar participants’ memories for years to come.

Check back in the future for (at the least) race updates, and (at the most) race reports from Cutthroat Racing team members.

For more information, please see: http://www.sscxwc2011.com/

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Wasmund Reaches Podium at Crusher in the Tushar

Steve Wasmun at Crusher in the Tushar

Crusher in the Tushar

The first annual Crusher in the Tushar RoaDirt Race left Beaver, UT on July 16th at 8 in the morning and took intrepid cyclists up in to the Tushar mountains on roads most of us didn’t even know were there. Burke Swindlehurst, former Utah pro racer, had a dream and he turned it in to our joyful nightmare.

This race was not a logical choice for a singlespeeder with 10,400 feet of climbing in long gradual climbs, long steep climbs, long paved sections and lots of amazing views (singlespeeding and enjoying views are pretty mutually exclusive). No one every accused Cutthroaters of being logical.

It’s gonna be tougher in 2012!

Steve Wasmund is seen here after grunting his way in to a podium position in the singlespeed category. More info can be seen here: http://www.tusharcrusher.com/