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Cutthroat Women Sweep Single Speed Podium at UTCX #6

The women of Cutthroat racing swept the podium in the sixth edition of the Utah Cyclocross series on Saturday, October 29th.

CTR Racer Ali Knutson (aka African Safari) Hammering It

Ali Knutson, Amy Andrews, and Anna Day pushed through a lengthy and technical course to come out on top of the fabled diamond plate platforms.  The course included some grueling terrain with lots of deep sand, power-sucking grass, and some tight corners.  And of course, all three racers competed on bikes with but a single gear (racing in costume, no less).

This year’s cyclocross season has seen growth in many areas.  Just a year ago, there were but two women competing on single speed bikes.  To see three riders from a single team is a sight of which CTR Team Members and the organizers of the Utah Cyclocross series should be extremely proud.  In short, the sport continues to gain traction among a diverse group of riders.

Celebratory beers were had after the race, courtesy of primary CTR sponsor Uinta Brewing Co.  As always, the members of CTR give a hearty thanks to the many sponsors who help make the team’s racing efforts a success.

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  1. Linda Lawless

    Dear CTR Ladies, I just got my new pink single speed cross bike and am working hard to get out of the beginner category. I am 47 and would love to join your team. Any room for a sassy but stylin’ old lady next year?

  2. pedaldamnit

    Ms. Lawless,

    Contact for more info.


    Mr. Ped AlDamnit

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