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Mesa Verde 2012 – Race Report

Report from Steve

The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde is alive and kicking and put on it’s 6th Edition on May, 12 2012.

Cutthroat Racing has been there since the beginning when about 10 of us went down and comprised more than 10% of the total entrants. The relationship with this great race has endured and may have even helped some procrastinating CTR racers actually get in to this sold-out race this year.
Fifteen Cutthroat racers loaded up the trailer, the tent, the fire pit and and lots of beer and made a weekend of it.
There was some racing. Heck, we’re special, so I’ll list us all out 😉 :
Solo SS
– Heather G
– Kenny J
– Steve W
– Greg S
— Jamon W – Top team honors with 7 laps and 9th place!!! Don’t worry, he’s been harassed for over-achieving.
– Cimmaron C and Bryce
3-person coed SS
– Christine P
– Brian P
– Ryan M
3-person coed
– Amy A
– Anna D
– Rob L
3-person men’s
– Joe W
– John M
– Rod M
We figured we weren’t going to garner a lot of attention by coming in first (and besides, that’s very hard and not much fun) so we garnered attention by drinking lots of beer at the 6:30 a.m. rider’s meeting, and continuing to drink, AND RIDE, all day long. There were a couple of crashes, but everyone survived. Some minor mechanicals resulting in a derailer and pedal (and possibly a rigid fork, but only for being stupid, not broken) being sacrificed to the bike parts gods. We then gathered for some post-race grub, decent (free) CO beer and Colorado Bulldogs (thanks Rob).
It was a great weekend of camaraderie, riding, camping, meeting old friends and new. Make sure you sign up early next year and join us for this party under the green mesa.

Report from Joe

Packing started Tuesday night – clothes, shorts, jerseys, sandals, gloves, shoes, sleeping bag, air bladder, backpack stove and a handful of necessary tools tucked tightly in the duffle bag  then loaded the bike.  A short 22 miles and 95 minutes later, I dropped my stuff off so it could be loaded in the trailer.

…fast forward three days…

The sun begins to peak over the mountain tops around 5:45 and the sound of freewheels, rustling tents and shimming out of sleeping bags  fills the air  – 1:15 until the race starts. Promoters inform everyone it will be a Leman’s start (i.e. running to your bike) and to be courteous as you pass or are passed.

7 am strikes and the air horn sounds as 350 racers begin running, with only Cim walking at HER own pace. First lap takes us around the car track; it is quick and fast, but bottle necks as we go under the highway.  A few more minutes and we are on the awesome single track! The trail’s dirt is fine, loose and finds it new home on all of our faces, teeth, noses and lungs. The first lap is always slow as many riders are on the trail, so I take visual markers of where to brake, where to push, and where to shift.  17 miles later and I roll back into the venue, first lap is finished.

Second lap begins a few hours later. This lap is great – the field is stringed out so the pace is fast.  First mile starts with a gentle climb that turns into a very quick descent as mile two rolls by quickly, miles three thru six are up and down, and miles six thru nine [insert Jimi Hendrix song here ] is a gradual but sustained climb. Mile ten rolls  fast and leads us closer and eventually into tuffy rim. This section is rough and beats the h@$# out of you WITH a suspension, without it your arms, chest, neck, back and wrists are silly putty.  After this “tuffy” section we are rewarded with speedy controlled bob sled turns, fast descents and jumps that you can get some air on or work to keep the bike down! Last two miles we have a punchy climb followed by a fast descent back into the venue. All in all ~17miles and 1700 feet up and down of pure fun SINGLE TRACK!




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