What's a Lit?


Lit Aftermath.

Drink. Lap. Drink. Lap. Drink. Lap. Drink. Get the point?

It’s not a Crit, it’s a Lit. Well, it’s kind of like a Crit, but…not.  Usually run off-road (but sometimes on), racers sprint around a short course and imbibe a beer (possibly of the root kind for those who so choose) of their choice in between laps.  Sounds easy, right? Notsofastbucko! The winner isn’t always the one who finishes their drinks and laps first.  Points are awarded on an arbitrary basis by the race-official-overlord.  Points are given or taken away for a litany of reasons.  Drinking too fast? Drinking too slow? Wearing red? Not smiling as you ride? Bribes? No bribes? Racers can gain or lose points for just about reason.

Obviously, these races aren’t about winning so much as they are just having a good time. Adding to the fun are Lit themes (Pirate Lit, Chic Lit, Moustache Lit) and some great post-race schmoozing.  Contact a CTR team member to find out when you can join us for the next race.