March 2013 Team Meeting Minutes

  1. Introductions
    1. New team prospects Ray and Leah, Welcome!!
    2. Ray commutes and Leah completed a few road races last season and commutes as well.
  2. Races
    1.  Mountain Races
      1. True Grit – 3.16.03 St.George, Utah [] – Cim, is also looking for volunteers to assist with this race. If you’re interested send her an email.
      2. ICUP – 4.6.13 Cactus Hugger –
    2.  Road Races
      1.   tour del Sol – 3.23.13-3.24.13 St.George, Utah []
        1. Two teammates riding
      2.  hell of the north – 4.6.13 []
    3. Keg Camp (okay, this isn’t a race)
      1. Same weekend as the cactus hugger, talk to BP for details
  3. Sponsors
    1.  Conference call with Ryders eye glasses at 630
      1. Must order through the website, for which we will be given a code
      2. Discount prices on regular and interchangeable and photochromatic
      3. A banner will be sent which we can use to promote them at races, etc.
      4. Promotional glasses
        1. Vouchers? We dont’ like this idea, asked for the actual glasses instead
  4. Wednesday Social
    1.  Thank you to Greg for the great meeting. The 4th Wednesday of this month (27th), we will be meeting at Saturday Cycles.
  5. Clothing Order
    1. We are submitting the jersey order on the 25th, pre-payment will be expected. We are cutting out the zip options for the jerseys. Jersey optoins will be simply gener, cut (club or euro) and size. We have been given a 5-6 week turnaround after that. Conact Jared with questions.
  6.  Socks – Will be $10 each for team members