February 2013 Team Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting Minutes – Feb 2013

  1. Races, past and upcoming
    1. Frozen hog 2013.  This is the last year the race will be run. We won team race (results are pending) with Jeff E. coming in “forth or fifth” (again, results pending).  Fair to good conditions on track.  Some parts were dicey.  Fat bike had advantages and disadvantages, but the race was won on a non-fat bike.  Do we want to revive this for 2014? Lets focus on one race at a time (Cutthroat Cross)
    2. Old Pueblo.  Two team members going, possibly a third.
    3. Desert Rampage, March 2 in St. George at Green Valley Race Loop.  First ICUP race of the season. One team member registered so far.
    4. True Grit.  March 16. Very challenging ride.  25, 50, 100 mile options.  Sign up at gropromotions.com
    5. Salt Lake crits starting soon, let’s go support team member Ali!
    6. Moab skinny tire festival.  Some fundraising required. Very little interest in this race it appears.
    7. Boise bike swap on Feb 16
    8. SLC Bike Swap on March 2
    9. 24 hours in the Sage.  Just outside of Gunnison Colorado, this is august race, but be thinking about it.
  2. Bicycle Dreams Recap
    1. The theater was filled.  It was a raging success.  “Our events only work when everyone participates.”
    2. Raised about $400 for the team
  3. New social gathering spots
    1. 4th Wednesday of the month, we will be meeting at either Beehive Cycles or Saturday Cycles.  So, we will start at Beehive this month Saturday next month.
  4. Weekly Rides
    1. Todd will be organizing rides on only Saturdays rather than Saturdays and Mondays.  Updates to come.
  5. Misc. News
    1. Current legislation, SB 104 to address issues related to vulnerable users of the road.  New info sent out by team members to address air quality issues.   Contact your local legislators and/or the governor office.
    2. Keg Camp coming up.  Weekend of April 6th, weekend of ICUP cactus Hugger
    3. Second clothing order coming up.  Let’s start discussing minimum order sizes.