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Slug Reviews Bicycle Dreams Priemire in Salt Lake City

After the successful premier of Bicycle Dreams, Salt Lake City’s SLUG magazine has written a review of the film.  Cutthroat Racing would like to thank everyone who participated in the viewing of the film and made the night a startling success. 

Check out SLUG Magazine’s review of Bicycle Dreams here

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Tour De France Game Sheet

The CTR Tour de France game sheet is now available!

Past champions have included Brian Price, Brian Price, and Brian Price.  He was out of shape and chose not to participate in 2011, which gave Scott Foss and Stephen Sheffield the opportunity to battle it out for the coveted CTR TDF yellow jersey.  In the end Foss easily out-sprinted Sheffield for the win.  Christine Pembroke earned the coveted lanterne rouge.

Everybody knows that CTR TDF champions go on to eternal glory.  This year it could be you. Click the Excel icon to download the file.

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Mesa Verde 2012 – Race Report

Report from Steve

The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde is alive and kicking and put on it’s 6th Edition on May, 12 2012.

Cutthroat Racing has been there since the beginning when about 10 of us went down and comprised more than 10% of the total entrants. The relationship with this great race has endured and may have even helped some procrastinating CTR racers actually get in to this sold-out race this year.
Fifteen Cutthroat racers loaded up the trailer, the tent, the fire pit and and lots of beer and made a weekend of it.