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Slug Reviews Bicycle Dreams Priemire in Salt Lake City

After the successful premier of Bicycle Dreams, Salt Lake City’s SLUG magazine has written a review of the film.  Cutthroat Racing would like to thank everyone who participated in the viewing of the film and made the night a startling success. 

Check out SLUG Magazine’s review of Bicycle Dreams here

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Race Reports – Crusher in the Tushar 2012

Joe W.

The rain is falling lightly, the sun is still trying to poke thru the thick grey/black ominous clouds, the wind is present but not ‘gusting’ and I am trying to put some food in me before the race starts. I’ve already given myself a bit of handicap (I forgot my ‘clip’ shoes) so I am riding today’s race on Bonniers (Brandons friend and my savior for the race) magnesium flat pedals. Race director gives us instructions something about be cautious and careful about lightening strikes, horn sounds flag drops any my heat is off.

The angry buzz of knobby tires fills the rain soaked air, pace is fast, the group is large, but thins considerably on the first punchy climb. 6miles later we are on the dirt. The roads are wet, and filled with puddles, mud, and sand all the items chains and bearings enjoy. The first 25miles are in the books, and at the top of the summit I stop and put on my arm guards on(just in case my bike wants me to high five the ground again) I begin the descent from 10,000+ and get to pass thru the clouds – which was pretty awesome. All the folks who passed me on the dirt downhill – I am now catching up and passing on the road, as I pass they give shouts of encouragement like ‘it’s gotta be the shoes’, ‘wow, your riding in those’, ‘when did ADIDAS make cycling shoes’
Right turn and the next 20 miles are climbing, with 85% of it being on dirt. I grind up the KOM area (thinking to myself “Shutup Knees! Do what I tell you!!!”) this is the hardest part of the course for me, because my cadence is slow, my chain and bottom bracket are popping, creaking and making sounds only heard during earthquakes. Next 15miles are much easier and the mileages to go signs are good at keeping my spirits up.

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Race Report – Tour de Donut 2012

James, his dad, and I (Brent) met in American Fork on Saturday morning for the Tour de Donut ( Essentially it’s a 3 lap “race” around a 7 mile course. At the end of the first and second lap you eat as many donuts as you want/can. Each donut takes 3 minutes off your final time.

I crossed the line in second place, but figured that as I only ate 7 donuts I wouldn’t get too close to the podium. Apparently though, it was enough to absolutely dominate the youth division. For some reason they thought I was 10 years old. When they announced me as the winner I thought “That’s awesome!! … and totally wrong.” When I strolled up and they saw my beard and I told them I was 36 years old, they revoked my title. After some recalculation, it became apparent that I came in third in the 35–54 division. One more donut would have given me the victory. Unfortunately, the trophies had already been handed out, so I don’t have any hardware to show off. The winner of the 35 and under division ate 32 donuts to finish with a negative time.

Proceeds from the event support the charity work of the Rotary Club of American Fork, specifically efforts to build and repair a mountain bike trail in Lambert Park and World Bike Relief.

Thanks, James, for taking the lead on this. I had a great time.

-Brent Olsen

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Race Report – Rockwell Relay 2012

For those that are unfamiliar with the Rockwell event here is a bit of background information:

The Rockwell Relay is a relay race that started two years ago and takes you and three of your buddies from Moab to St.George. You cover a distance between 516 and 528 miles and battle lots of interesting challenges from snow in the first year to tire-swallowing cattle guards; each year has unique challenges and each year the race has doubled in size!

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Tour De France Game Sheet

The CTR Tour de France game sheet is now available!

Past champions have included Brian Price, Brian Price, and Brian Price.  He was out of shape and chose not to participate in 2011, which gave Scott Foss and Stephen Sheffield the opportunity to battle it out for the coveted CTR TDF yellow jersey.  In the end Foss easily out-sprinted Sheffield for the win.  Christine Pembroke earned the coveted lanterne rouge.

Everybody knows that CTR TDF champions go on to eternal glory.  This year it could be you. Click the Excel icon to download the file.

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Mesa Verde 2012 – Race Report

Report from Steve

The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde is alive and kicking and put on it’s 6th Edition on May, 12 2012.

Cutthroat Racing has been there since the beginning when about 10 of us went down and comprised more than 10% of the total entrants. The relationship with this great race has endured and may have even helped some procrastinating CTR racers actually get in to this sold-out race this year.
Fifteen Cutthroat racers loaded up the trailer, the tent, the fire pit and and lots of beer and made a weekend of it.

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Race Report – 5-Mile Pass

Lehi was a balmy 47 degrees Saturday morning which made for a nice brisk
ride.  Over 200 racers showed up to test the warmth of their favorite
spandex.  The course is an 11 mile loop with a series of small uphills on
the front half and a long hike-a-bike right in the middle.  From there, a
short decent leads into some rollers and a nice downhill section.  The last
two miles of the course are short up and downs with lots of good lines.

Most of the course is rocky doubletrack (ATV trails) with lots of room for
passing.  The backside of the loop is quick and a lot of fun.  An
unpleasant rock decided to relieve me of my rear tire pressure around mile
9 and I hobbled in for a ninth place finish – which would have been a solid
DNF if Jim from Utah Mountain Biking hadn’t stopped to lend me a pump.  I was led to believe
that my magical Stans-Notubes wheels and sealant would instantly repair any
puncture; don’t believe everything you see at the Stan’s Website.

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SSCSWC 2011 Race Report / Travelogue

SSCXWC went down with epic madness this year in San Francisco.

CTR Team Member Ped AlDamnit was there along with teammates Steve W., Amy A., Anna D., Rob L., and Ali K.  Click through the reference link for a full read on his report on Cycling Utah’s Website.

A Report from the 2011 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (SSXCWC)

To me, few things are more satisfying than a post-race shower. Sparing you the details of my shower though, I will share with you the details of the events and the race that caused me to need one tonight, Sunday, November 20th.

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Cutthroat Women Sweep Single Speed Podium at UTCX #6

The women of Cutthroat racing swept the podium in the sixth edition of the Utah Cyclocross series on Saturday, October 29th.

CTR Racer Ali Knutson (aka African Safari) Hammering It

Ali Knutson, Amy Andrews, and Anna Day pushed through a lengthy and technical course to come out on top of the fabled diamond plate platforms.  The course included some grueling terrain with lots of deep sand, power-sucking grass, and some tight corners.  And of course, all three racers competed on bikes with but a single gear (racing in costume, no less).

This year’s cyclocross season has seen growth in many areas.  Just a year ago, there were but two women competing on single speed bikes.  To see three riders from a single team is a sight of which CTR Team Members and the organizers of the Utah Cyclocross series should be extremely proud.  In short, the sport continues to gain traction among a diverse group of riders.

Celebratory beers were had after the race, courtesy of primary CTR sponsor Uinta Brewing Co.  As always, the members of CTR give a hearty thanks to the many sponsors who help make the team’s racing efforts a success.

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Salt to Saint 2011 – Race Report

The second running of the Salt to Saint race from Salt Lake to St George, UT took place on September 16th and 17th. 39 riders, 9 of whom planned on tackling the race solo, lined up on the street behind the state Capitol under ominous skies.

Ready for the Rain

Ready for the Rain

The route wound along about ‘shoreline’ level down to Draper, up Suncrest, around Utah Lake, under I-15 to the east side of that mountain range that runs along side the interstate, on down to Arizona back up through Colorado City in to St George. 420 miles!

Cutthroat member Steve Wasmund was one of the oxygen deprived solo racers, and he was just dumb enough to pedal through the rain, cold, dark, climbs, pain, sleep deprived delirium, hunger, honking rednecks and 5 flat tires to find the finish line in just over 28 hours. He even had the energy to savor a cold Cutthroat in the otherwise dry St George city park.

He’s looking for more company for next year… join him?

For more information about next year’s race, please see

– By Steve Wasmund

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